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An accounting entry that properly reflects contingent liabilities.

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts

Extra funds from sales, or another source, set aside in order to pay off bad debt if and when it arises. The allowance helps a company ward off any potential cash flow problems should its credit sales not be repaid as expected. On financial statements, it is important to note that an allowance for bad debts exists for fiscal conservatism and not because one expects a large amount of bad debt to accumulate. An allowance for doubtful accounts is also called a cushion. Banks call these funds the loan loss reserve. See also: Savings account.



The funds that are earmarked by a firm from its retained earnings for future use, such as for the payment of likely-to-be-incurred bad debts. The existence of such a reserve informs readers of the firm's financial statements that at least a part of the retained earnings will not be available to the stockholders. See also allowance for doubtful accounts, reserve for contingencies.
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The value of each gene, which in fact corresponds to a slot, has only one of the following values: 0--if the slot is unreservable, '1'--if the slot is reservable or '2'--if the slot is unavailable.
Banks must also submit reports of their deposits and other reservable liabilities.
The reservable Green Collection vehicles join the luxury Prestige Collection and sporty Fun Collection vehicles, which can also be reserved by make and model at major airport and downtown locations across Europe.
According to alternative workspaces within SLA's office, unreservable hotdesking, informal meeting area, reservable hotdesking, and quiet personal working room policies are also being considered for adoption in the near future.
Camping The park has five first-come, first-served campgrounds--51-site Jenny Lake Campground is the most popular--plus two reservable RV parks.
The pounds 12 tickets will be on sale seven days a week on reservable services, with purchases allowed up to 6pm the day before.
The company manages the largest reservable campsite inventory with partnerships throughout North America.
The public's demand for checking-type accounts and other reservable deposits at the financial intermediaries determines the amounts of balances held at the central bank.
In the latter mode, it became a discrete block of individual seats, numbered and reservable in advance like those in the boxes, and in common with the first tier of boxes (soon to be rechristened the dress circle) they quickly changed their name from pit stalls to dress stalls.
Trains will carry buffets, will be crewed with locally recruited personnel and comprise both reservable first and standard accommodation.