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In this fields there are people undergraduate in health areas and graduate in social sciences, as it was evident in cluster 6; or cluster 4, which is representatively the greatest one, however it is the most heterogeneous with professionals with education in physics or engineering and with the smallest number of professionals graduate in social sciences, representing the most distant group of collective health and social sciences, but which is also part of the field and such difference takes place through a configuration of the network itself.
2] area was used instead, since, even in this smaller scale, the process has representatively similar to that of the Wischmeier plot (Mutchler et al.
Cappelen's second claim depends not only on his examples being chosen representatively, but foremost on his definition of "intuition".
As a pretender, he lives ritually and representatively.
It involves a random sample of the Turkish adult population, representatively stratified for sex, age, geographical regions and for rural-urban distribution (14).
Labeling and [check] [check] [check] packaging materials are not representatively sampled and examined.
The very process of marginalization of death is representatively depicted in The Trial (1925) by Franz Kafka.
Sidney Colvin, Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge, representatively wrote in 1879, "It has come to pass from a variety of causes, and not least from the stimulating power exercised by a master of letters, Mr.
For all of the acute and apt sensitivity to painting so evident throughout his best poems, it is nevertheless his literariness that is most extraordinary; nothing is more representatively late-Mahonish than a poem beginning in a state of encounter with the outside world, only to modulate quickly into bookish discursivity, as if the answer will always be found in a book he has just read; so "Smoke" starts with the smoking of a fag, and makes its desolately witty way via Lady Bracknell to the father of the carnivalesque:
Although high surface abundances can be representatively sampled by surface tows, any narrow subsurface band of high abundance, as might occur at a pycnocline, would be undersampled by oblique tows.
The sample of 463 females and 486 males representatively reflects the set of teenagers of Belarus.
Representatively, Richmond [36] introduced the induced EMF formulation of mutual impedance between coplanar-skew dipoles.

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