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86) Tom Mooradian, a repatriate from Detroit, explained in his memoir: "Most families in the caravan had brought electrical appliances, including refrigerators and stoves, but unfortunately there was no gas or electricity to operate them.
These findings extend current literature on the value of mentors as 'agents' to aid post repatriation career decision alignment to knowledge and learning, the criticality of structured systems and processes that underpin a pro-active stance on repatriate knowledge transfer and the challenges facing MNCs in balancing strategic and tactical thinking where repatriate knowledge transfer is concerned.
This would be provided immediately upon return from the assignment, when the repatriate returns to work.
As these considerations led the repatriates to settle disproportionately in the south of France, the regional variation necessary for a cross-sectional study was established.
This scheme will apply income criteria, will clarify the term repatriate and there will be another provision ensuring that those entitled to a pension aren't receiving benefits from elsewhere.
The new tax rule should encourage internationally active companies to take advantage of the opportunity to repatriate foreign currency earnings at unusually low effective tax rates, regardless of whether such activities are carried on through foreign subsidiaries or foreign branches.
According to the British daily The Independent, the British Government is refusing to repatriate fuel reprocessed at the Sellafield plant in North-Western England and shipped to Japan seven months ago.
This is possible only if executives in the parent company become more knowledgeable about the expectations of their repatriate employees.
A federal judge, finding that the Army Corps of Engineers had acted capriciously last year in its hasty decision to repatriate the bones, ordered the corps to reassess its decision.
Syntel's (NASDAQ: SYNT) Board of Directors has elected to repatriate earnings of its foreign subsidiary, Syntel Limited, to the U.
Dubai -- Prominent Pakistani social worker and philanthropist Haji Daraz Khan spends most of his time helping community members repatriate bodies of low-income workers in the UAE.
Manila: Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on Thursday ordered recruitment agencies to repatriate Filipinos staying in government-run half-way houses as it said manpower suppliers who refused to do so to risk being penalised.