rent control

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Rent control

Municipal regulation restricting the amount of rent that a building owner can charge.

Rent Control

A local law setting maximums on the amount landlords can charge tenants on certain properties. This is done primarily to protect tenants from certain actions, such as increases in rent at the end of a lease on tenants who ask for repairs. Proponents argue that rent control gives tenants a degree of stability that would not otherwise exist. Opponents contend that rent control discourages investment in housing, reducing the quantity (and perhaps the quality) of rental housing available.

rent control

Laws that regulate the rent that can be charged for space. Rent-control laws were originally enacted as emergency measures after World Wars I and II,because many returning service personnel emigrated to urban centers.This caused housing shortages and dramatic rent increases, with a resulting increase in evictions.Today,rent control is seen as a legitimate exercise of a government's police power and usually does not require an emergency situation.The state of New York differentiates between rent-controlled apartments and rent-stabilized apartments because of the dates of differing legislation. Rent-controlled apartments are still operating under laws enacted in 1947. They require that the tenant have continuously occupied the apartment since before July 1, 1971. As those apartments vacate, they become rent-stabilized under other legislation, or they become decontrolled under some circumstances.

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The City desires to appoint an attorney to handle and represent the City of Bayonne Rent Control Board in all matters, including but not limited to, hearings and appeals held before the Rent Control Board.
Khalid Chaudhry said due to absence of rent control act, the local traders are facing great problems in running business as they are always in a sense of insecurity due to fear of forced ejections.
We are planning to present the amended bill of rent control act in National Assembly in near future and if trade leaders have any good proposals, they should share with us, he said.
From the Gold Coastin Hoboken, Port Imperial, and Jersey City, to market-rate projects in Newark, New Brunswick, Long Branch, Trenton, and Camden, scores of buildings that are now home to thousands of New Jersey's working families would not have been possible without this commitment from the state to safeguard new construction from the well-known ills of local rent control," said the NJAA.
He said that in the absence of a balanced Rent Control Act in Islamabad, frequency of disputes was rising day by day and the business community was feeling insecure in such environment.
The representatives of traders, belonging to almost all markets, called on the chief commissioner and asked him to forward the new draft of Rent Control Act to the Ministry for Interior.
In adopting rent control the Gulf has moved in the opposite direction to the rest of the world.
Here are five good reasons why rent control is a public policy nightmare masquerading as a dream for low-income tenants:
That is how, we are told, rent control leads to homelessness and abandonment of property.
Changing or withdrawing rent control regulations evokes strong emotional debate as tenants view this as a threat to their standard of living and a move toward excessive profit taking by landlords.
Rent control has been in force in a number of major American cities for many decades.