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Citadel's patent-pending, Common Criteria EAL 3 certified Hercules(R) technology provides users with full control over the automated remediation process, enabling efficient aggregation, prioritization and resolution of vulnerabilities detected by industry-standard vulnerability assessment tools.
Mac OS X platforms for remediation of heterogeneous OS
provides remediation status at a glance for an executive-level
Solucorp has provided Ambiente and other ENI Group Companies with "know how", technical support and visited ENI/Ambiente and/or their sites in 1997, 1999 and 2003, resulting in Ambiente's understanding of field operation requirements for proper application of Solucorp's MBS(R) Technology and construction, with Solucorp's approval of mobile remediation plants, funded by Ambiente, to effectively deliver the MBS(R) Technology, to ENI Group Companies contaminated sites.
identifications, for faster profiling and remediation of
a leader in vulnerability management solutions through automated vulnerability remediation and policy enforcement, helps enterprises effectively neutralize security vulnerabilities.
a leader in automated vulnerability remediation and policy enforcement solutions, helps enterprises effectively neutralize security vulnerabilities.
Attachmate consultants will recommend a customized course of action for a remediation process -- Attachmate consultants can assist in the implementation of the process.
will be providing DEMCO with service support for the remediation of the hydrocarbon-contaminated soil.
Catches all potentially dangerous date operations missed by conventional Y2K search methods, complementing existing remediation process
Citadel's patent-pending automated vulnerability remediation technology ensures full user control by allowing administrators to determine which vulnerabilities are resolved and when.
The great benefit of Millennium CrossCheck for PL/I is that it uses a unique search technique not already used in the remediation process -- it's like getting a fresh pair of eyes to proofread your writing.