remedial action plan

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remedial action plan (RAP)

A plan required by the Environmental Protection Agency for cleanup of hazardous waste sites.

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The site is currently undergoing Site Assessment activities that should provide sufficient information on the horizontal and vertical extent of impacts at the site to prepare remedial action plans for various closure options under the applicable regulatory criteria.
A study of risks, a Remedial Action Plan (optional) and monitoring sanitation work (optional) workshops SNCB Brussels (Workshop TGV Forest, ATD Schaerbeek, ATE Schaerbeek, TOP Schaerbeek 6 New Cab stand diesel).
Versar's responsibilities include finalizing documents detailing the remedial investigation/feasibility study, developing a remedial action plan, and working with the regulatory agencies to gain approval of the plan.
Preparing remedial action plans in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements, and completing tiered risk assessments in accordance with the Missouri Risk Based Corrective Action (MRBCA) program.
An important step in the review process is to ensure that for sites containing E-Designations covering all three environmental requirements (air quality, noise and hazardous materials), the Remedial Action Plans for each of these subjects are approved at the same time in order for OER to issue the Notice to Proceed.
Despite enforcement challenges, the authorities were drawing up remedial action plans for banks that fail to meet regulatory standards.
However, the council is aware of the fact that the next rainy season is only nine months away, and discussions about a permanent solution to safe guarding the water supply infrastructure in the Kuiseb River have resulted in a number of remedial action plans by NamWater.
Professional Services include; emergency generator, fuel tank installations and upgrades, environmental engineering, consulting, permitting, assessments, real estate transaction studies, contamination services, tank closure reports, remedial action plans, brownfields.
Consistently taken effective and timely action to correct deficiencies identified in remedial action plans.
Within a 30-day time period, analysts should gather and assess the data and develop remedial action plans.

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