remedial action plan

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remedial action plan (RAP)

A plan required by the Environmental Protection Agency for cleanup of hazardous waste sites.

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Remedial action plans must always be administered with corrective rather than disciplinary intent.
For example, one investigation of Remedial Action Plans found that 81% of these RAPs' agency coordinators described interaction among the stakeholders as negative, citing "conflict among participating parties or the uncompromising posture that particular parties assumed in the process" (Landre and Knuth 1993a, 161).
The Maumee RAP AOC includes the lower reaches of the Maumee, other Maumee Bay tributaries and smaller streams nearby flowing into Lake Erie (Maumee Remedial Action Plan, 1995).
Our Hamilton Harbour watershed remedial action plan is the most successful clean-up effort among areas of concern on both the Canadian and US sides within the Great Lakes Basin.
It is also critical (and usually required) to notify the appropriate federal, state, provincial and local agencies of the incident and to gain approval for the remedial action plan.
A qualified consultant can assess an owner's problem and develop a remedial action plan to meet all local, state and federal regulations, as well as help the owner to integrate this plan into his actual construction project in a way that will ultimately save the owner time and money," he said.
Attendees will learn about appropriate methods of testing the building envelope, investigation means and methods, methods of building restoration, and how to write a remedial action plan.
10 to receive comments on the proposed remedial action plan for the former Nebraska Solvents Co.
For example, it did not adequately conduct configuration control testing or complete the remedial action plan in a timely manner and did not include necessary and key information.
A third step, the remedial action plan, included the cleanup standards applied to the site and the cost effectiveness of the best alternative cleanup method.

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