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Because liability under the Directive is negligence-based (117), a certification-service-provider might be held to have no liability at all to a relying party.
50) In Ben-Shahar's no-retraction regime, a disappointed relying party can always threaten credibly to impose liability for her reliance damages upon a faithless suitor who walks away from the negotiations following the reliance.
The subscriber (probably a buyer) uses the private key to sign transactions, and a relying party (probably a seller) uses the certificate authority's directory of public keys and certificates to validate that the subscriber is a valid key holder and signer within the rules of this particular PKI.
Ping Identity Senior Technical Architect Pam Dingle serves on the board of directors of the OpenID Foundation and Ping Identity has plans to provide native OpenID relying party support for PingFederate in the second half of 2010.
Statistics, reporting and an audit trail, which enable administrators to monitor user accounts and issuances of information cards and tokens for login requests to relying party Web applications.
The combined offering is based on the OpenID open authentication protocol with Google Apps acting as an OpenID provider and PingConnect acting as an OpenID relying party.
5 also provides a Relying Party Component Set, which plugs into most common Web servers to add support for CardSpace and OpenID authentication requests.
The WSO2 IS features two primary components: the Identity Provider and Relying Party Component Set.
In related news, Ping Identity also announced today it will be contributing a generic Information Cards relying party C library to the open source community.
The SAML XASP profile enables relying party applications that have successfully authenticated the user with a digital certificate to go back to the organization that issued the digital certificate (the Identity Provider) and retrieve dynamic or sensitive user attributes that are not or should not be included with the certificate.
Subscriber and relying party information is properly authenticated, restricted to authorized individuals, and protected from uses not related to the CA's business - The continuity of key and certificate life cycle management operations is maintained - CA systems development, maintenance, and operation are properly authorized and performed to maintain CA systems integrity