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I beg to relieve you, Lady Lundie--by means which you have just acknowledged it to be your duty to accept--of all further charge of an incorrigible girl.
If you knew my present feelings, you would even try to relieve them at the expense of your own.
I will go - in a minute, if that can relieve you - and NEVER return
Countess Fosco and myself took it by turns to relieve Mrs.
On the tenth day it pleased a merciful Providence to relieve our household from all further anxiety and alarm.
A study published by the Archives of Family Medicine proved that a cold head wrap alleviated migraine and tension headaches in 87% of patients, eliminating the need for medications to relieve headaches.
If a nurse or midwife relieves a higher-grade, full-time employee whose roster is five days on duty, two days off, the higher payment is due after completing five days.
The Orange Line busway, which has done wonders to relieve traffic in the San Fernando Valley, cost just $300 million -- a fraction of what the subway to the sea would cost -- and was completed in just a couple of years.
The two appeared to relieve arthritis symptoms in some earlier studies, and both are relatively inexpensive and seem to be safer than prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers.
The fibre in baked beans is a vital part of a healthy diet and can help relieve stress.
In particular, it substantially relieves the skin symptoms and itching.
Ginger This spice relieves nausea, morning sickness, travel sickness, dizziness and wind, thanks to its soothing effect on the digestive tract.