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Relieve party to a trade of any previously made obligation concerning that trade, hence allowing the would-be transactor to show the inquiry/order to a new broker.


Written statement by a creditor to the effect that a debtor has either paid off the debt or the debt is otherwise discharged. A creditor may release a lien if the loan has been paid or if other collateral has been offered. Most mortgages contain release clauses indicating under what circumstances the borrower obtains release from the mortgage lien.


See release of lien.

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But according to an internal quarterly memo issued in 1959 by Atomics International, radioactive gas from the accident was transferred to a storage tank and slowly released through the reactor's stack over several weeks.
Also, the Committee agreed to construct lightly edited transcripts of its previous meetings from unedited transcripts dating back to 1976, which would be released to the public with a lag of about five years.
With the advent of determinate sentencing, however, more inmates began serving their entire sentences, then were released without control or assistance.
TOXMAP uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to allow users to build maps that show in as much detail as desired the toxic chemicals released in a specific area.
In other work, Grainger has recently shown in mice that antibodies can be released from a gel at the site of an implanted material to counteract abdominal infections.
The proposed SOP recognizes ESOP shares are released for different purposes: to compensate employees directly, to settle employer liabilities for other employee benefits and to replace dividends on allocated shares used for debt service.
and ``Toy Story'' made by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Disney have exploded at the box office and for the most part overshadowed hand-drawn animated titles.
It's misleading to say risk is merely a function of the mass of chemicals released," explains economist Nicolaas Bouwes, another architect of the model, who now works in the EPA's Office of Water.
First, it would require that videotapes of FOMC meetings be made and released along with verbatim transcripts within sixty days.
Concerned that the enzyme he uses might be antigenic, causing an allergy-like reaction, Langer made this implant nonbiodegradable so that its enzyme won't be released into the body.
Some of the first feature films to be released under the new agreement are HELLBENT, from the co-creators of the classic HALLOWEEN and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET; THIRD MAN OUT, starring Chad Allen and Sean Young; and JULIE JOHNSON, starring Courtney Love, Lili Taylor and Mischa Barton.
Baca's predecessor, Sherman Block, released about 3,000 inmates in March 1995 because of budget constraints.

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