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Also, income tax expense for the three months ended December 31, 2016 was reduced by $288 thousand for a rehabilitation tax credit related to a low income housing investment project.
The chamber supports retaining the states premier economic and community development programs, including the Quality Jobs Act, Aerospace Engineer Tax Credit, Investment and New Jobs Tax Credit, Historical Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit, five-year ad valorem abatement and sales tax exemption for manufacturing facilities and the Oklahoma Regional Home Office Insurance Premium Tax Credit.
but most mirror the rehabilitation tax credit provided at the Federal
Fortunately, real estate investors can tap into the Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit.
In late 2014, the IRS released its own guidance in response to Historic Boardwalk, creating a safe harbor for tax equity investment in rehabilitation tax credit deals.
In 2009, the HPPA helped secure the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit and incentive program of which most of the South Main projects took advantage.
Commissioner, the Internal Revenue Service has issued much-anticipated guidance meant to provide "predictability" to investors in historic rehabilitation tax credit projects in the form of Revenue Procedure 2014-12.
referred him to Maynard-based Epsilom Associates, which helped prepare an application for a Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation tax credit.
NEW ORLEANS: The historic Saenger Theatre, a Crescent City jewel tarnished by Katrina, has reemerged after a $53-million renovation under the aegis of a National Rehabilitation Tax Credit program.
In the case of a partnership or an S corporation, the determination of whether nonrecourse financing is qualified for purposes of the rehabilitation tax credit is made at the partner or shareholder level, respectively.
released its historic rehabilitation tax credit insurance, a new coverage meant to protect owners and developers of commercial properties who qualify for federal rehabilitation tax credit against a financial loss if the property suffers significant damage from an insured event that results in a reduction in, or recapture of, the tax credit.

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