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New Bridge Street: Rehabilitate approximately 5,040 SY of New Bridge Street from West Bayshore Blvd to Strafford Road.
Ogemaw County: $487,800, to rehabilitate 20 homeowner occupied homes within Mills Township and assist 10 homeowners with emergency repairs throughout the county.
Corbin Street: Rehabilitate approximately 1,356 SY of Corbin Street from Terry Lane to Pinecrest Drive.
2 million to rehabilitate track on the Southwestern Pennsylvania Railroad's FM&P subdivision line.
Park Lane: Rehabilitate approximately 1,056 SY of Park Lane from Westminister Drive to E.
Chester County: East Penn Railroad LLC -- $560,000 to rehabilitate track and a railroad bridge, install new ties, resurface track, install new bridge timbers and rehabilitate three grade crossings.
The company credits the success to its Insituform Blue technology, which rehabilitates pipes to resolve leaks, water main breaks and loss of treated water.
Perry Drive: Rehabilitate approximately 1,074 SY of Perry Drive from Scottsdale Drive to Pinevalley Road.
Restored Homes will have 18-to-24 months to rehabilitate, market and sell homes to qualified homebuyers who must become owner-occupants.
Likewise in Hazar Nao, Shago, Shin Katai and Tanarai villages of Mamund tehsil 18 electrical transformers and electric polls have been installed to rehabilitate the electricity system in these areas.
28, 2007 as part of the city's three-year plan to spend approximately $1 billion to rehabilitate a sewer system that serves a population of almost 14 million people.
143 million was spent to rehabilitate 1,557 units of affordable housing in the Bronx and Harlem.