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To retire existing bond issues through the sale of a new bond issue, usually to reduce the interest rate being paid.


1. See: Tax refund.

2. The sale price of an asset that the seller may give back to the buyer if the buyer returns the asset.

3. See: Redeem.

4. See: Refunding.


To retire securities with the funds that have been raised through the sale of a new security issue. Refunding usually occurs after a period of falling interest rates when firms issue new debt in order to retire existing debt having high coupon rates of interest. Refunding works to the disadvantage of existing bondholders, who must sell their securities before maturity (usually at a slight premium over face value) when proceeds can only be reinvested at a reduced yield. Also called refinance. See also call provision, nonrefundable, prerefunded bond.
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Advocates have compared rapid refund loans to other "predatory services" like high-interest payday loans.
At trial, the IRS argued (and the district court agreed) that the prescribed period applicable to the delinquent tax return should apply to the refund claim, invalidating the mailbox rule.
Global Refund is in the midst of a multiyear campaign to educate Europe-bound American shoppers about the existence of VAT.
The moral of the story is to look before you leap when you get the refund check in the mail.
Then it had filed amended returns and had requested refunds.
He stated that the general rule is that the party who had made the actual tax payments is entitled to receive any refund of that tax.
The estimated amount, however, may not reflect pre-tax retirement deductions, or money withheld for child support or taxes and the taxpayer will have to pay the full amount estimated on the pay stub whether or not the refund is large enough to cover the cost of the loan and fees.
However, if the only obstacle to a refund is an unresolved contingency, the protective claim could specify an exact refund amount and also contain all of the other information that would be included on a regular claim for a refund.
Davis said the $9 billion refund total was compiled by the California Independent System Operator, which runs the state's power market and grid.
Employees who previously paid taxes on EABs now can get refunds for federal income taxes paid in 1995 and Social Security and Medicare taxes paid in 1995 and 1996.