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Both covenant and kingdom reset the direction for childlike faithfulness and obedient servanthood, not only within the good orders of creation, but also within the structures of the fallen creature (see Spykman, Reformational Theology, 259).
The reformational understanding of the church as creatura verbi and as congregatio sanctorum et vere credentium (Augsburg Confession [C.
17) More than once, as I studied their analysis of Western culture and their search for the reasons behind the undying hatred of our culture, I was reminded of what Reformational philosophy has come to see as the dialectical tension within Western culture.
More importantly, Hegeman's reformational theory comports with what Niebuhr called a "transformational" approach in his Christ and Culture, and indeed this kind of vision would seem to be the most promising candidate for a Christian theory of culture.
Participants would come dressed as reformational "saints.
My formulation of the point Lambert Zuidervaart makes in "Unfinished Business: toward a Reformational Conception of Truth," Philosophia Reformata 74, no.
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