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Wet chemical methods [43-45] have also been used for the production of metal nanoparticles, which involve the reduction of metal salts carried out by using reducing agents such as sodium citrate [46], 1-hydroxyalkyl radical [47], sodium borohydride [48], citric acid [49] and different amines [50-52].
For example, for the driver warning system, EPA said such a system must tell the driver that a reducing agent is needed and have enough time to replace it.
I] through the addition of reducing agents such as ascorbic acid or glucose.
For mobile uses, the SINOx system is typically comprised of a catalytic converter and dosing control unit for the reducing agent.
Hypochlorite is an oxidizing agent and can cause a false-positive reaction, where-as ascorbic acid is a reducing agent and might cause a false-negative, but never a false-positive, reaction.
Although the relative fluorescence intensities were lower if TBP was used as the reducing agent (approximately two-thirds of the TCEP value), this difference was not apparent in the calculated concentrations of tHcy because of the calibration.
As reported in the journal Angewandte Chemie, the scheme is based on an N-heterocyclic carbene catalyst and a silane as the reducing agent.
has received a patent for a coating composition comprised of a hardenable film-former and an effective amount of a reducing agent having a redox potential sufficient to decolorize an iodine or iodophor stain on the film-former.
By capturing critical information that can identify problem areas early and enable prompt administrator support and issue resolution, DigiVoiceXE helps you develop stronger customer loyalties and repeat business while simultaneously reducing agent turnover.
In this system, a hindered amine light stabilizer is used instead of a hindered phenolic thermal stabilizer and is combined with a dialkylhydroxylamine, which acts as a peroxide de-composer, radical scavenger, and reducing agent.
x], the system uses electronics, sensors and injection technology along with a reducing agent to trigger a chemical reaction that converts N[O.
Vanadium (II) [V(II)] was mentioned as a possible reducing agent in the initial work by Cox [5], who reported that it reduces N[O.