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Account Reconciliation

The process of ensuring that one's personal records of transactions on a bank account matches the bank statement one receives each month or quarter. That is, each time one writes a check, uses a debit card, or otherwise makes a withdrawal from or deposit into a bank account, one keeps a record of the transaction. Account reconciliation involves making sure that these records match the bank's of the same transactions. Account reconciliation helps avoid, or at least remedy, such problems as identity theft and bank errors.


In appraisal, the process of considering values calculated from the various appraisal methods and weighting the strength to be given to each approach in order to arrive at a final value for the property.

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During a meeting with a number of locals of Qudsiya and the reconciliation committees, Minister Haidar said that the Ministry has come a long way in the reconciliation project in Qudsiya, noting that the remaining small problems will be dealt with very soon.
The Syrian government has recently focused its efforts on battling terrorism and at the same time worked on establishing the national reconciliations with the rebels who are desirous to lay down their arms and return to the government's side.
The solution is the first of its kind in the industry that will help financial services firms access an enterprise reconciliation utility without any capital investment.
SEI is looking forward to achieving significant quality and efficiency gains through the deployment of TLM Reconciliations Premium," said Ria Walsh, Executive Vice President, SEI Private Trust Company.
One thing I find surprising, though, is how many reconciliations don't clearly state that the report agrees with the general ledger.
has released the latest module in its OneClose suite, Account Reconciliation, which the company says eliminates material weaknesses and deficiencies created by reconciliation problems, trims associated labor costs by up to 40 percent and boosts the accuracy of financial results.
This article will help CPAs responsible for completing balance sheet account reconciliations better understand the new importance of this process following the introduction of section 404.
generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and file these reconciliations with the SEC in Form 20-F.
Each evening the Cambodians were in the habit of meeting for hours to discuss how reconciliation could be brought about, not only among their own people but with the Vietnamese who had invaded and ruled their country.
TLM Reconciliations will create an instrument agnostic processing platform delivered as a best practice service centre to Santander Group
The Minister participated in an annual meeting for members of the central committee and sub-committees of popular reconciliations who underlined the importance of coordination and cooperation among reconciliation committees and those concerned in the settlement processes which solve the cases of those who were misled to have them back to society and provide them with work and education.
TLM Reconciliations Supports Bank's Global Implementation While Strengthening Operational Controls and Reducing Cost