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Thus the data seem to support past research that recasting results in less student correction.
In June 2000 SUNcast began ReCasting [TM] Suncor's worn cups and discs.
It is, however, neither the endless permutations of the idea of a common descent nor its paradigmatic force in directing scientific research but its global reach that has made this radical recasting of biological systems a fundamental force defining the way millions of human beings conceive their relationship with the cosmos and its Creator.
Of those IO loans recasting in the next two years, 99% of prime, 94% of Alt-A, and 90% of subprime are ARM loans.
Watkins presents an interesting review of the topos of female abandonment in writers following from Virgil, from Ovid's oppositional recasting of the Dido story, through Augustine's rejection of the Aeneid, the positive moral allegorizations of Fulgentius and Bernard Silvestris, to Dante and Chaucer, and finally Ariosto and Tasso.
Call Me Barbra: call me an appropriation, a recasting, a challenge to concepts of ethnicity, gender, and patriarchy--call me the work of Deborah Kass.
announces expansion of its services to include such key offerings as financial recasting.
Brought in potentially to fix ``Dolittle,'' Tune elected to start from scratch: shortening and recasting the production.
The solution, which had never been used before in New York City, involved the removal of the exterior face of the existing concrete to 1/2" behind the reinforcing steel and recasting of all seven miles of exposed concrete spandrels and balcony edges.
Now, with Hollywood's help, we're recasting ourselves as our own ancestors in a mental restaging of momentous episodes from American's past.
Details on Center for Context's approach and perspective are highlighted in a whitepaper focused on recasting the role of the facilities manager, authored by R.