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The Federal Reserve has made a dramatic, concerted effort to help the global banking system recapitalize itself principally by keeping rates at near zero.
Austria's Finance Minister Maria Fekter said there was talk about forcing banks to recapitalize, although she said she was not in favor of such a move.
The news reports cited analyst estimates that private equity firms could provide up to $50 billion to recapitalize banks.
Matsushita Investment & Development envisions asking creditor banks to help recapitalize it further, they added.
The company also said it continues to search for alternative ways to recapitalize its long-term debt.
The money is expected to recapitalize the SAIF to prepare it for a merger with the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) by 1999.
I am pleased to be able to appear here today to offer my thoughts on the proposed legislation to recapitalize the Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF), to merge SAIF and the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF), and to merge the thrift and the commercial bank charters.
In response to this threat, management has considered several defensive measures and has decided to recapitalize and implement poison pill provisions.
In contrast to governmental actions taken by the United Kingdom and some other European nations to recapitalize troubled banks in their domain by taking equity stakes in the banks, the US government has begun the process of recapitalizing US banks by taking preferential yet nonvoting equity stakes in a handful of financial institutions.
Governor Panicos Demetriades said that banks which took huge losses on Greek debt and loans would need 'less than EUR10bn' to recapitalize, even in the worst-case scenario.
These new first and second lien credit facilities recapitalize CEC's balance sheet and replace existing debt.
Will your credit union be willing to recapitalize your corporate/primary corporate?