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Real Time

Describing the immediate reporting of an occurrence. Many quotes offered by brokers to clients are in real time, which means changes to the quotes occur as soon as the brokerage itself receives the information.


Of or relating to the actual time during which something occurs; that is, current as opposed to delayed. For example, real-time stock price quotations are generally available to investors with Internet brokerage accounts.
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Agents already connecting with carriers via real-time systems believe they have value in helping work flow for both personal and commercial lines.
SeeWhy is the first real-time business intelligence platform for the event-driven enterprise.
The carrier responds to the agency in real-time with, for example, a billing or claims status, a frilly-rated quote, or in the case of loss reporting, an acknowledgement or claim number.
For example, consider a real-time company where agents submit all applications via e-mail and the Internet.
FSMLabs' products include RTLinuxPro (hard real-time Linux), RTTimeSync (nanosecond timing synchronization), RTLinuxPro Secure (NSA compliant security suite), RTCoreBSD (hard real-time BSD), LNet (zero-copy deterministic hard real-time networking), PSDD (hard real-time memory protection), VxIT (legacy emulation and migration tools), CGL RTLinuxPro (OSDL Registered Carrier Grade Linux), RTCore Eclipse IDE and ControlsKit (hard real-time XML).
The StepOne system expands the family of real-time PCR systems offered by Applied Biosystems for laboratories of all sizes.
With more than 300 customers worldwide, GoldenGate is used to drive solutions for critical initiatives in high availability, disaster tolerance, and real-time data integration.
The first real-time SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distribution - SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time in 2006
Our ability to deliver real-time events to enhance enterprise applications is hitting the mark with users and partners.
Coupling StreamBase's engine with Inflight delivers a level of real-time user detail that is highly valuable to nearly every business," stated Spencer Snedecor, Covelight's CEO.
In a related announcement, the LinuxLink by TimeSys developer service has been expanded to provide all LinuxLink subscribers with access to these real-time patches.
First introduced nine years ago, PERC is the most widely used real-time Virtual Machine available for Java developers, with fielded installations in telecommunications, telematics, avionics, deep space exploration, and office automation applications.

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