real estate mutual fund

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real estate mutual fund (REMF)

Similar to a REIT but with technical differences that make the REMF like any other mutual fund.The REMF invests in real estate assets, including REITs and REOCs and pays dividends to investors. A REMF is open ended, meaning investors may demand that their shares be redeemed and can then cash out and pursue other investments.

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As the real estate mutual fund universe continues to grow, we have a deep, talented and long-tenured real estate team helping us design and launch these innovative funds.
Investors who want the benefits of REIT investing but don't want the pressure of picking the right mix of REITs, should look to real estate mutual funds.
To find out more about REITs and real estate mutual funds, check out the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts at www.
The best types of real estate for an IRA are cash deals (transactions leveraged directly with the seller also might work), specialized real estate mutual funds and real estate investment trusts.
Real Estate Mutual Funds Assets Potential Under Maximum Foreign Management Foreign Investment Advisor ($ Mil.
real estate mutual funds (loosely defined as funds dedicated to owning shares in real estate securities).
Leupp founded Alesco Global Advisors in 2006 as President and Chief Executive Officer and was the senior portfolio manager of Alesco's real estate mutual funds.
Managing real estate funds since 1992 - Average of 19 years in managing real estate mutual funds and estimating future cash flows of companies - the key to success in investing in real estate mutual funds and global infrastructure securities
Real estate mutual funds have had a whopping 17% gain in the past 5 years; (real estate mutual funds invest in a portfolio of REITS).
That law -- which goes into effect on New Year's Day of 2001 -- allows REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, real estate mutual funds that avoid corporate income tax] to own subsidiaries such as service businesses without sacrificing tax exemptions.
In April real estate mutual funds recorded a net capital outflow of $97.
Currently, Alliance Capital manages more than $500 million of real estate securities, including one of the nation's fastest-growing publicly-traded real estate mutual funds, Alliance Real Estate Investment Fund.

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