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Real Estate Agent

A person who facilitates the sale of real estate. Real estate agents network with potential buyers, show properties to them, and generally act in a way that will help sell the property in the shortest possible period of time. A real estate agent receives a commission for his/her services, usually a percentage of the value of the property sold. In the United States, a real estate agent must receive a license from the state in which he/she works. A real estate agent is an employee of a real estate broker.

real estate agent

See agent.

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These features, together, make up the most effective platform for real estate agencies to advertise and for buyers and sellers to find local representation for their real estate transaction.
26 on last year's list of the state's top residential real estate agencies, with 2015 sales of almost $70 million.
The law defines the real estate agencies as the ones that offer the real estate services of marketing, property management and appraisal.
Creating a partnership between local police departments and real estate agencies can prevent realtors from becoming victims.
com)-- RebateLeads has made its third major release since launch in April 2017 of an autonomous Internet service that works with real estate agencies advertising commission savings and buyer's rebates in major metropolitan areas and most of the United States.
burden of the estate agents has increased more than threefold, the heads of three real estate agencies said at a press conference in Yerevan
Apartments in Skopje are being massively built yet demand has shrunk, say representatives of real estate agencies.
Re/Max Advantage Realtors of Searcy was omitted from the April 16 list of largest residential real estate agencies.
1 Maze will also revamp the Web sites of real estate agencies Century 21, Circa '72 and Thompson Real Estate as well as create a new Web site for Centennial Senior Center of Concord.
According to the State Register, there are more than 100 real estate agencies and private entrepreneurs active in real estate business.
The 'Best of Citysearch' awarded Halstead Property, LLC with the Best of 2007 Audience Winner for real estate agencies with visitors specifically noting the great service.
Metro, which publishes advertisement-financed newspapers in 16 countries, said that it had already signed advertisement agreements with a number of real estate agencies in Stockholm.

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