growth rate

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Growth Rate

The amount by which a variable increases over a given period of time as a percentage of its previous value. For example, a 3% growth rate in GDP for a year means that the value of an economy is 103% of the value of the previous year.

growth rate

The annual rate at which a variable, such as gross domestic product or a firm's earnings, has been or is expected to grow. One common method of estimating future growth rate is simply to measure a variable's past growth rate and then project a continuation of the trend.

Growth rate.

A growth rate measures the percentage increase in the value of a variety of markets, companies, or operations.

For example, a stock research firm typically tracks the rate at which a company's sales and earnings have grown as one of the factors in evaluating whether to recommend that investors purchase, hold, or sell its shares.

Similarly, the rate at which the gross domestic product grows is a measure of the strength of the US economy.

If you want to compare the vigor of entities or elements of different sizes, it's more accurate to look at growth rate than it is to look at the actual numerical change in value. For example, an emerging market might be growing at a much faster rate than a developed one even though the size of those economies is vastly different.

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students studying abroad increased by five percent in 2013/14, the highest rate of growth since before the 2008 economic downturn.
But the month-over-month rate of growth has been faster than in every month but two since January 2013.
Chris Fry, senior partner at KPMG's Liverpool office, said: "While the North of England is still trending above average for permanent and temporary placements, the rate of growth is slowing and continues to be hampered by a severe lack of available talent in the market.
However, this pause did not dampen demand for temporary staff, with temp billings across the region rising sharply, outpacing the national rate of growth.
A modest five percent annual rate of growth is forecast for Brazil and the region.
The average rate of growth for RSK in Europe was 6.
The overall rate of UK house price growth has been significantly enhanced by London, so we are starting to see a corresponding dip in the rate of growth in the national figures as the rate of growth slows in London.
In the near-term this robust rate of growth among manufacturers should continue, with order books expanding in September at their fastest rate in almost eight years.
A tangible increase in crude oil and natural gas output was a major boost, contributing to the achieved rate of growth by over 53pc in fixed prices.
residential and commercial properties in coastal counties has grown to over $10 trillion, a new analysis says, but the rate of growth has slowed some since 2008 due to recession-related factors.
6 percent through 2016, with the fastest rate of growth in professional business services and the leisure and hospitality industry.
3 per cent in 2012 - over double the rate of growth in the wider economy, predicted to be 0.