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It's bad enough, I'll say," rapped out the spare, angular woman, "to have everybody talking about the way Martin has ditched his son, without having the boy scattered to bits, or burned to a cinder.
I sat up in bed and rapped my knuckles against the rail to make certain that I was truly awake.
Outside was strong sunlight with a wind; and a yellow head of some broom or gorse in the garden rapped against the glass of the window.
Then he said good-bye to them all in a cheerful voice and went to the Throne Room, where he rapped upon the door.
You have not reflected at all," rapped the clergyman.
Mr Galloway rapped on the table, and ordered another kummel.
A light was shining through the door of the little hall-room which served Janey as a dressing-room and boudoir, and her brother rapped impatiently on the panel.