Random variable

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Random variable

A function that assigns a real number to each and every possible outcome of a random experiment.

Random Variable

In statistics, a variable expressing all possible outcomes of a set of circumstances. It is important in probability density function and probability distribution.
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This gives random sock'ers the ability to share their love for new socks and be featured on the Random Socks homepage.
The first releases from Random House will be available on MeeGenius' apps and website in March 2013.
He says researchers might next explore exactly how not-random the information flow can be and still be made purely random.
Random Lengths is registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, which it states in its masthead along with its copyright notice and warning about illegal photocopying and retransmission.
The world's largest English-language general trade book publisher, Random House, Inc.
One of the oldest and most commonly implemented random number generators is the linear congruential random number generator (LCG) or Lehmer generator as proposed by D.
Step 2 generates a set of completely random air pollution variables, [p.
PLAYERS: Agree to mandatory random testing for illegal steroids, oppose mandatory random testing for nutritional supplements and for ``recreational'' drugs
In fact, evaluation systems with a fairly large amount of error in measuring productivity can still be effective at motivating improvement -- if the errors are mostly random, or at the very least do not create perverse incentives, such as encouraging teachers to focus on improving the achievement of one group of students to the exclusion of others.
30), AtoFina has its own metallocene technology and a family of around 20 Finacene mPP homopolymers and random copolymers for cast film, heat-seal layers, and injection molding.

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