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The Raising the Roof Dance Party netted $1,000 for the Antelope Valley Allied Arts Association.
The study titled Raising the Roof confirms that California's costly and cumbersome permit process adds tens of thousands of dollars onto the price of houses.
For example, to construct a new building would cost $25 to $30 per square foot, while raising the roof will cost approximately $10 to $12 per square foot.
Raising the Roof, California Housing Development Projections and Constraints 1997-2020 updates the Statewide Housing Plan.
PUPILS will be raising the roof when they take part in the first ever Walsall Primary Schools' Singing Festival.
For that you need to take a short skip across the road to Highbury, formerly know as The Library, where you will see that the only thing capable of raising the roof is a JCB, literally too, with the old stadium now looking more like a building site.
A village church is to raise funds by raising the roof.
The UCLA basketball team, which insisted for much of the past two months that the sky was not falling, has finally gotten around to raising the roof - if not expectations.