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The Raising the Roof Dance Party netted $1,000 for the Antelope Valley Allied Arts Association.
A LOFTY couple bidding to end their home headaches by literally raising the roof have had their plans demolished by "flippant" councillors.
SCOTS rock audiences used to welcome their favourite bands by raising the roof.
Opening with Got To Have Your Love, they came close to raising the roof, rattling through favourites such as Just A Little and Thinking It Over, as well as the latest single Being Nobody.
The study titled Raising the Roof confirms that California's costly and cumbersome permit process adds tens of thousands of dollars onto the price of houses.
Using hidden cameras, Raising The Roof shows how nine out of 10 damp- proof companies all recommend costly, but unnecessary treatment.
For example, to construct a new building would cost $25 to $30 per square foot, while raising the roof will cost approximately $10 to $12 per square foot.
Raising the Roof, California Housing Development Projections and Constraints 1997-2020 updates the Statewide Housing Plan.