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Hilbery, these early spring days were chiefly upsetting inasmuch as they caused a general quickening of her emotional powers, which, as far as the past was concerned, had never suffered much diminution.
And Thuvia of Ptarth, true daughter of Barsoom, found her breath quickening and heart leaping to the memory of this other smile--the smile that she would never see again.
To those who have looked at Rome with the quickening power of a knowledge which breathes a growing soul into all historic shapes, and traces out the suppressed transitions which unite all contrasts, Rome may still be the spiritual centre and interpreter of the world.
He raised her hand to his lips in farewell as he started to speak, but something--was it an almost imperceptible pressure of her little fingers, a quickening of her breath or a swaying of her body toward him?
How could he mention that other matter which, for all its anxieties, still possessed for him a sort of quickening joy in the face of that brutal stare.