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Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization. An organization, which itself is not part of the government, to which the government has given a large degree of power, as a regulator or in another capacity. A prominent example is the Water Services Regulation Authority, which regulates sewage in the UK, among other things. However, it is not part of the government. The term is most common in the British Isles.

quango (quasi-autonomous nongovernmental organization)

an executive body which is responsible for overseeing a designated area of public sector activities and spending.
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She said: "Since I became an Assembly Member I have been amazed by the number of quangos and review commissions that the (Welsh) Government set up.
Reform Scotland submitted Freedom of Information requests to the 71 quangos who receive funding from the Scottish Government.
We are more transparent about quangos and who works for them than any Government before.
But most Governments eventually discover that arms-length bodies are quite useful ways of taking tough decisions out of political hands, and thus end up creating new quangos.
But Mr Byrne said: "Labour had a plan for steadily saving half a billion by carefully closing 25 per cent of quangos over the next few years.
GORDON Brown is creating NINE new busybody quangos costing pounds 2.
The SCPMDE is one of the most heavily funded quangos, with an annual budget of pounds 140 million.
Milosevic had nationalized the banking system and people working for the State Department or the QUANGOs had to literally hand over bags of cash in Montenegro or Hungary.
Davis, and his INLOGOV colleague, Chris Skelcher: 'Party politics is integral to the life and role of the local councillor, (but) local Quangos are not constituted on party political lines' and therefore have a degree of independence.
The vision for Quango was created by Bruno Guez, the popular Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and tastemaker.
6 billion from the administrative cost of public bodies within scope of the programme and their savings are net of the cost of closing or reforming the quangos.
Simon Elliott, regional secretary of the PCS union, warned the proposals to axe or cut back hundreds of quangos - officially known as non-departmental public bodies - could see huge job losses in the North East.