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1. To use unrealized profits from margin transactions to increase one's margin. That is, one uses unrealized profits as collateral on a margin account in order to borrow more money from a brokerage to buy more securities.

2. To borrow to expand a company's operations.

3. See: Ponzi Scheme.


A classic investment fraud in which the operator pays promised high returns to current investors from the contributions made by new investors. Thus, funds are never invested in any productive assets but are simply paid out as a return to existing owners. The operator must continue to attract more and more investors in order to pay a return to those who have already committed their funds. Also called Ponzi scheme.


To use profits derived from a profitable security position in combination with borrowed money in order to acquire an even larger investment position. Pyramiding, which is very risky, allows an investor the possibility of greater profits by using a given amount of funds to control the maximum amount of securities.
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When yellow pyramidal traps were used in the study, the traps were positioned on the ground and all traps within a replicate block were spaced 30 m apart and replicates were > 100 m apart.
An innovative educational aid (three dimensional model and a computer aided animation of pyramidal pathways) was developed and used as a teaching aid for students in "Test" group.
9) Hara et al operated on 4 patients spanning two generations of a Japanese family that exhibited fixation by a bony bar extending from the pyramidal process to the head of the stapes; in each case, there was a normal stapedius tendon but with a monopod stapes superstructure.
A delicate, triangular-shaped cluster of pink flowers stood out and it was quickly identified as a pyramidal orchid.
Each sampled section containing the pyramidal cells in CA and subiculum regions was collected on slides and then stained with 1 per cent toluidine blue.
We have evidence suggesting that a presynaptic [alpha]2A AR inhibits glutamatergie release in the pyramidal cell recurrent collaterals of the hippocampal CA3 region, effectively reducing seizures.
A pyramidal profile with a square base can be assumed as closest one to the actual surface of the pre-machined parts.
Supporting the behavioral findings, stereological assessment of CA1 pyramidal neurons documented greater neuronal loss in KA-treated controls compared to KA-treated rats on the BB diet.
Extra pyramidal signs usually develop in the second week of illness (1).
UK) From one small facet of an over-engineered piece of architecture--the inverted pyramidal steel supports of Folkestone's Leas Cliff Hall--originated an incredibly dense artwork, fraught with layers of absurdity, tragedy, spirituality, and comedy.
As well as butterflies, the reserve is home to precious pyramidal orchids and liquorice plants.
00) tells of a pyramidal device sent by the Kirin to dominate Earth, which sits in the middle of Chicago no longer growing, but ominously present.