purpose statement

Purpose statement

A form filed by a borrower that describes the use of a loan backed by securities, and guarantees that the funds lent will not be used illegally to buy securities against Federal Reserve regulations.

Purpose Statement

A form banks require borrowers to fill out when borrowing funds secured by margin stock in excess of a certain amount. The purpose statement indicates the reason the borrower is taking out the loan and guarantees that he/she will not use the funds to buy securities in violation of SEC or other regulations.

purpose statement

A document that states the use to which proceeds of a loan that is backed by securities are to be put. The borrower agrees not to use the funds to purchase securities in violation of Federal Reserve credit regulations.
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Plan International purpose statement We strive for a just world that advances childrens rights and
A purpose statement identifies the mission for which God has created you and sets a course for your life.
This purpose statement is meant "to stake out the legal space on
Use power words in your objective or purpose statement, qualification profile, achievements, education, and other areas that you might choose to include on your resume.
Then the author methodically steps through the key elements of building a socially conscious business: developing a purpose statement, defining values, creating the appropriate corporate structure (including a comparison of Benefit Corporations and Certified B Corps), hiring and managing coworkers rather than "employees," and telling the corporate story.
Montour School District in McKees Rocks, PA, has focused on establishing a maker culture and developed a purpose statement to help keep everybody on the same page.
1) Introduction: will provide adequate foundation for the body of the paper and will include a purpose statement for the paper
Some authors write a purpose statement rather than a question, but it has the same components of phenomena, population, and specific gap in knowledge to be addressed, written as a declarative statement.
Authors should touch on the motivation for the project and outline clear purpose statement.
OUR PREVIOUS two articles ("From Purpose to Profit," January, and "Reap the Rewards of Purpose Activation," April) explored how company leaders use the power of purpose to drive long-term results: by activating and galvanizing stakeholders around a purpose statement, then by activating that statement one step at a time.
The strategy is accompanied by a new set of long-term social, environmental and financial targets and a new purpose statement that reads: "Together, we find biological answers for better lives in a growing world--Let us rethink tomorrow.