pure play

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Pure play

A company involved in only one line of business.

Pure Play

A company that works exclusively in a single industry. A pure play company can carry higher risks than diversified companies, but some, especially start-ups, can only afford to be pure plays for the first few years of operation. On the other hand, if a pure play's products are successful in its industry over a long period of time, it may be a stable investment.

pure play

An investment that is concentrated in a particular industry or operation. An investor who believes that snowmobiles are the wave of the future will search for a pure play in snowmobiles. In other words, the investor seeks out a company that does nothing other than manufacture and sell snowmobiles. Likewise, Maytag Corporation is more of a pure play in household appliances than is General Electric, even though General Electric has a larger share of the appliance market than Maytag. Reason: General Electric generates much of its revenues from its other operations.
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Our evaluation included only pure play vendors that focus on automating and optimizing processes that incorporate a mix of people, systems, and other content, wrote Sharyn Leaver, principle analyst at Forrester in her March 2004 report, "How Do the BPM Pure Plays Stack Up?
While all of the offerings can provide benefits in specific scenarios, pure plays are still the best option for firms looking to begin a BPM implementation today by automating and optimizing processes that incorporate a mix of people, systems, and other content.
The firm has recently run a full-page ad in both the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times asking employees of the pure plays to consider employment with Deloitte Consulting, focusing on the breadth and depth of its services as well as its stability.