publicly held

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Publicly held

Describes a company whose stock is held by the public, whether individuals or business entities.

Publicly-Traded Company

A company issuing stocks, which are traded on the open market, either on a stock exchange or on the over-the-counter market. Individual and institutional shareholders constitute the owners of a publicly-traded company, in proportion to the amount of stock they own as a percentage of all outstanding stock. Thus, shareholders have final say in all decisions taken by a publicly-traded company and its managers, especially through its annual shareholders' meeting. Publicly-traded companies have greater access to financing than other companies, as they have the ability to issue more stock. However, they are subject to greater regulation: for example, they must file 10-K reports with the SEC on their earnings and they are more likely to be subject to corporate taxes. A publicly-traded company is also called a public company.

publicly held

1. Of, relating to, or being securities that are freely transferable among investors. For example, stock owned by institutional investors is publicly held, but unregistered stock held by a firm's founder is not publicly held.
2. Of, relating to, or being a publicly traded company.
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Furthermore, the application of SFAS 150 to publicly held companies is logical, as it seeks to stem the abusive accounting practices that some companies had adopted when dealing with their own shares.
If you are a CPA who works for a publicly held company, reflect on the CPA peers you know from an industry association or a CalCPA chapter or committee, and recommend one as a candidate for membership on your company's board of directors or audit committee.
Thirty-one instances in which partners or managers owned securities of publicly held companies for which they personally provided no professional services but which were clients of Coopers & Lybrand.
According to the Court, the transaction should be interpreted as an exchange of all of the shareholder's stock in his wholly owned corporation for 425,000 shares of stock in the publicly held corporation, followed by a redemption of 125,000 of those shares for the $3,250,000 in cash.
Also, publicly held companies have been under pressure to boost their bottom lines so their stock prices continue to increase, he said.
I 1990, Pennzoil bought an 80 percent stake in publicly held Jiffy Lube for $35 million.
We believe, however, that final rules should not become effective until all publicly held corporations--regardless of yearend--have been afforded a reasonable opportunity to analyze their existing compensation programs, to seek and obtain proper guidance under these rules (or any material modifications to these rules that may be made as a result of taxpayer comments), and to revise their compensation programs.
Performance goals are established by the compensation committee--a committee of two or more outside directors (including any subcommittee) of a publicly held entity with the authority to establish and administer performance goals and to certify that such goals were attained.
162(m) generally provides that no deduction is allowed to any publicly held corporation for employee remuneration in excess of $1 million paid to any covered employee (the CEO or any of the four other highest paid officers for whom compensation must be reported under SEC rules).
Publicly held Calnetics, which makes molded plastic components, announced Thursday after the markets closed that it will merge into a soon-to-be-formed subsidiary of Summa, a publicly held company headquartered in Torrance.
NASDAQ:ATPL) today announced that it received a NASDAQ Staff Deficiency Letter on March 23, 2007, indicating that the Company fails to comply with the minimum market value of publicly held shares requirement for continued listing on the NASDAQ Global Market set forth in Marketplace Rule 4450(b)(3).
a publicly held Nevada Corporation, (BULLETIN BOARD: FEMOV) , formerly named New Paltz Capital Corporation, announced a clarification of its recent stock split.