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public sector


government sector

that part of the economy concerned with the transactions of the government. Government receives income from TAXATION and other receipts and influences the workings of the economy through its own spending and investment decisions ( GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) and through its control (via MONETARY POLICY and FISCAL POLICY) of the spending and investment decisions of other sectors of the economy. The public sector together with the PERSONAL SECTOR, FINANCIAL SECTOR, CORPORATE SECTOR and FOREIGN SECTOR make up the national economy. See CIRCULAR FLOW OF NATIONAL INCOME MODEL.

public sector

That portion of the economy consisting of the government and corporations owned by the government. Contrast with private sector.

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Despite the growth of the public sector, main economic sectors such as construction and transport were still being held privately.
The only available way to doing so was the building of a genuine public sector.
On the ninth anniversary of the revolution (1961), the state announced Nationalization Laws 117 and 118 which were instrumental in creating a public sector that made the state an integral part of production.
It is KMD's mission to enhance the efficiency of the public sector and thus improve its service to the general public.
The IT solutions provided by KMD enable public sector employees to handle current legislation as efficiently as possible.
We look forward to working with the Saba team to serve our corporate and public sector customers as they integrate their learning and strategic HR objectives.
Now in its 11th year, the Distinction Awards Program and Gala are designed to formally recognize and celebrate leadership, innovation, and excellence in enabling and managing e-government within the public sector.
The award categories have been further refined in 2003 to reflect the evolving public sector service delivery environment, and the increasing interdependence within and among the various levels of government.
Epylon's set of tailored public sector procurement tools include eQuote, which produces a price quote to buyers based on the criteria they specify; Audit Trail, which provides the necessary archive capability for data such as quote and bid responses and purchase orders; and eDocument Center, which enables the sharing of bid documents, product specifications and policy manuals among the public sector community.
By providing public sector institutions and agencies with access to an open Internet marketplace, procurement and commerce practices stand to change dramatically," said Keith Krach, chairman and CEO of Ariba, Inc.

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