public relations

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public relations (PR)

a general means of promoting a business's COMPANY IMAGE with a view to encouraging customers to buy its products and investors to buy its shares, as well, for example, as influencing government policies on issues relevant to the company. Companies often appoint a PR officer to liase with the MEDIA in providing them with information and news about the company's activities and its record on such matters as CONSUMER PROTECTION and environmental pollution. Sponsorship of sport and the arts, etc. represents an indirect way of building up customer goodwill towards the company's products. See PROMOTIONAL MIX.
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They have an understanding of public relations from a pragmatic, programming point of view.
In addition to the national conference, another key initiative this year for Philadelphia PRSA is to offer public relations programming and education to the 6,000 members of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, of which it is a member.
Young is president of Young Communications Group, Los Angeles, a strategic communication agency specializing in providing public relations and marketing communication for health care and nonprofits as well as developing communication programs to reach emerging majority populations.
based Phillips & Company, and an IPRA Fellow, believes that we in public relations have allowed "a huge proportion of our work to be usurped by others.
Survey respondents said nearly unanimously that they use "conventional" public relations methods to execute their job functions.
Also, seminars and workshops in the area of public relations were conducted.
And the Education and Public Affairs Committee of the Public Relations Society of America issued a statement in response to the 1993 task force report that it "cannot support and in fact opposes, the conclusions.
Event chair Abby Rizen of FCF Schmidt Public Relations thanked the many volunteers and sponsors who made the event possible.
In short, it was easier to simply ignore public relations and dream that it was still circa 1950 when public assessments were more gentle and forgiving.
The Council of Public Relations Firms is an important industry resource thanks to the contributions and insights of the board of directors and its committees," said Kathy Cripps, president of the Council.
On one side is the question: How should we be educating future public relations practitioners?
LAS VEGAS -- From an outstanding field of nearly 90 entries, Purdue Marion & Associates and the Southern Nevada Water Authority won Best of Show honors in the Public Relations Society of America-Las Vegas Valley Chapter's 10th annual Pinnacle Awards.

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