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The use of property in such a way that it violates another property owner's expectation of an orderly living environment. For example, a person may refrain from mowing his lawn for so long that field mice infest his yard. This may be a nuisance if the field mice wander over to the neighbors' yards.


An activity that arises from the unreasonable, unwarranted, or unlawful use of one's own property resulting in an obstruction or injury to another property owner or to the public and producing such material annoyance, inconvenience, and discomfort that the law will presume resulting damage.It may consist of noise,smoke,odors,pollution,vibration,interference with rights of passage, maintaining an offensive business, discharge of water, or maintaining a building in a manner that makes it unsafe for others because of falling debris or because of rats or vermin.(Do not confuse with attractive nuisance, a theory of negligence liability for maintaining features attractive to children but likely to harm them.)

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Tellingly, the plaintiffs' suit seeks extensive abatement of lead paint, including removal and replacement of all doors and windows with lead paint, declaring it a public nuisance, yet specifically exempts their own public buildings, including schools, their lead water pipes, roads, incinerators, and parks from the requirement for abatement.
Originating in common law criminal prosecutions by the King to address encroachments upon the royal domain, public nuisance is more commonly a source of civil tort liability today.
The court drew a distinction between lead poisoning of individual children in their homes and the "traditional" understanding of a public nuisance.
The 16-year-old is charged with conspiracy to murder person or persons unknown and conspiracy to cause a public nuisance by use of poisons and or explosives to cause disruption, fear or injury.
Yesterday, 10 men and three women all denied a public nuisance charge at Cardiff Crown Court.
They deny causing a public nuisance by climbing The Big One and aggravated trespass and were bailed to January 19 for a committal hearing.
But the Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruled that NL Industries (formerly National Lead) and Mautz Paint (now owned by Sherwin-Williams), must face a jury trial on whether lead paint posed a public nuisance to the people of Milwaukee.
Mr Goldstein, backed by his old friend, who said he would have recognised the salt as a joke if he had received it, denied the common law offence of public nuisance.
Ten men and three women all deny a public nuisance charge at Cardiff Crown Court
A DAD who dressed up as Spiderman and climbed a 145ft crane in a six-day protest costing the taxpayer pounds 50million was yesterday cleared of causing a public nuisance.
In a major setback for victims' advocates last fall, a Rhode Island judge declared a mistrial after the jury could not agree that the paint was a public nuisance for continuing to poison the state's children (despite evidence of elevated blood lead levels in some children).