public debt

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Public debt

Issues of debt by governments to compensate for a lack of tax revenues.

Public Debt

The total of all bonds and other debt owed by a government. Most of the time, the national debt comes from bonds and other debt securities, but some countries in the developing world borrow directly from international institutions (such as the World Bank). The national debt may be internal, that is, owed to bondholders and banks within the country, or external, that is, owed to foreign governments, institutions, and/or individuals. In the United States, paying the interest on the national debt is a major part of the federal budget. See also: Deficit.

public debt

the NATIONAL DEBT and other miscellaneous debt for which the government is ultimately accountable. Such debt includes, for example, the accumulated debts of nationalized industries and local authorities.
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He noted that especially if the stress test results, to be announced on October 26, show no capital shortfall for the Cypriot banks or needs below the programme's e1/41 bln buffer, there will be no increase in the island's public debt and the downward trend will continue.
The Finance Ministry said it tried hard to keep the ratio of public debt compared with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) below international and GCC levels.
In Latin America and the Caribbean Islands, public debt at the end of 2012 was $2.
It understands, however, that the companies to which the public debt policy applies will be allowed to access capital market financing without an explicit guarantee from the government.
In this paper, Floden's (2001) economy is extended to take into account the short-run effects of public debt that we capture by modeling explicitly the transition from one steady state toward another.
It also pointed out that the Italian public debt, which exceeded in recent weeks 123 percent of total GDP, rose during the first half of 2012 by EUR 75 billion from its total volume of EUR 1,898 billion at end of 2011.
Official said that government was need to contain primary deficit through enhancing revenues and rationalization of current expenditure particularly untargeted subsidies and to improve the external debt sustainability, foreign exchange earnings needs to be enhanced through focusing on exports, workers' remittances and attracting foreign investment so that public debt can be made sustainable.
A senior finance ministry official said in February that he expected the UAE's first-ever federal sovereign bond issue to be around $1 billion, and that it would take place after the public debt bill was approved.
Data from the European Commission show that the ratio of Greek public debt to gross domestic product, which reached 143 percent in 2010, was already 105 percent in 2007.
This Tuesday, Emirates 24/7 reported that the UAE gross public debt is estimated at around $236.
An earlier version of the legislation discussed last year had said public debt should not exceed 45 percent of GDP, or 300 billion dirhams.
The Public Debt Management Unit will, among other things, be responsible for the development of strategies for debt and risk management and would refer those strategies to the cabinet as part of its objectives aimed at strengthening the country s financial situation, Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.