Proxy Fight

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Proxy fight

Often used in risk arbitrage. Technique used by an acquiring company to attempt to gain control of a takeover target. The acquirer tries to persuade the shareholders of the target company that the present management of the firm should be ousted n favor of a slate of directors favorable to the acquirer, thus enabling the acquiring company to gain control of the company without paying a premium price.

Proxy Fight

Competition of outside group with management for stockholders' proxies in order to accumulate votes to elect a new board of directors.

Proxy Fight

A situation in which two investors (usually two companies) compete with one another in the attempt to gain the proxy votes of shareholders in a third company. The two investors engage in the proxy fight because both wish to have enough proxy to elect a new board of directors that will effectively do whatever the investor wants. The winner of a proxy fight, if any, is able to control the third company through the board of directors and does not need to directly acquire it, though many often do anyway.

proxy fight

A contest among two or more opposing forces to solicit stockholders' proxies and, in effect, to gain control of the firm through the election of directors. It is usually quite difficult to wrest control from the existing management through a proxy fight, but the tactic has been used, for example, by some suitors in takeover attempts.
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Winding up a foreign policy in the Senate, Aziz took great pains to reject the impression that Pakistan was fighting proxy wars.
This proxy war has also marginalized the forces of peace in Azad Kashmir (PoK)," he added.
And, if so, the chances of a protracted proxy war spreading outside the borders of Syria become very likely.
Turkey will not enter as a direct party to the proxy war in the Syrian arena, but the Turkish-Syrian border will welcome refugees, set up humanitarian camps, and provide the means to distribute the weapons that will be funded by GCC countries.
MANAMA: The world must act to stop Iran waging a proxy war against Bahrain and the Gulf, says a US congressman.
An ongoing proxy war between tort reformists and trial lawyers spilled into a joint House-Senate hearing Monday, as Texas Windstorm Insurance Association General Manager Jim Oliver told lawmakers he still cannot disclose sought-after attorneys fees details in a multimillion-dollar settlement with Hurricane Ike homeowners.
The international community has to understand that Pakistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis of its history due to this proxy war.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Thursday that no country ''big or small, neighbor or far'' would be allowed to wage a proxy war against another country from Afghan soil.
It does not want a proxy war between India and Pakistan on Afghanistan.
He concluded that - judging from the above factors - the most favorable option would be to confront Iran militarily in a proxy war zone.
The Taliban were fighting a proxy war for the Americans against the Soviet Union during the "cold war".