property line

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Property Line

A set line denoting the extremities of a property. Property lines are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new lines within his/her old property.

property line

The boundary line between two properties.
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Established in 1993 by Jane and Harold Memmer, Property Line is a commercial real estate listing service that offers listing, searching and report capabilities for its commercial broker members, as well as innovative "push" marketing products that help agents and brokers "close the deal" in a more efficient manner.
88709 Castle, Castle Square 12, New Castle Meersburg, personnel services, property line, cash services, supervisory and seating services Verantsaltungsbetreuung.
Ten Eight, the deal automation and deal management solution for brokers and landlords that streamlines and manages reporting and the lease transaction process, was acquired by RealNex, joining REA, REI Wise and Property Line to further boost its suite of product offerings.
We object to the proposed building being any closer to the road or our property line than is allowed by the Zoning By-law," wrote Kulmatycky and Holly Illman, Kulmatycky's daughter, in a Mar.
Of concern to the abutter is the dock's placement near the property line.
Applicants currently must take four steps before getting approval for a property line adjustment.
We were only 6 feet from their property line, so I had do something to accommodate my customers.
Once the building owner agrees to install bollards, a utility and boundary survey must be performed to determine precisely what is below the ground and where the property line is.
Deftly covering laws concerning such issues as water runoff and flooding, trees that hang over property line, problems with neighboring businesses, noisy neighbors, unclear boundary lines, blocked views, high or unsightly "spite" fences, dangerously deteriorating fences, dangers to children, and so much more, Neighbor Law is a complete and thorough compendium ideal for non-specialist general readers wanting to know (and be able to enforce) their rights as a property owner in a neighborhood of property owners.
Zurich has announced that DAN LORIS has joined the company's Technical Center as director of its property line of business, Loris, who has nearly 20 years of property experience, joins Zurich from Allianz Global Risk, where he was assistant vice president of underwriting strategy.
So they formed associations that manned line camps, where the "line" was the property line between customary grazing districts.
The gist of the air toxics regulation involves the quality of air that goes beyond the property line of your plant.

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