profit center

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Profit center

A division of an organization held responsible for producing its own profits.

profit center

A segment of a business for which costs, revenues, and profits are separately calculated, with the manager of the segment being responsible for and judged on the performance of that segment. A large corporation with diversified interests in paper manufacturing, trucking, and fast food may regard each of these three businesses as a profit center.
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It's become a huge career development path for our people and a profit center for us," says Margaret Johnsson.
We are pleased to offer current and future clients high-impact business solutions related to the use of the Dimensions Profit Center financial applications.
Internet wiring firms are starting to wire up city buildings as an amenity for tenants and creating a profit center for buildings.
Managing cash may sound like a mundane task, but if you do it well you can transform your cash management function into a corporate profit center.
We truly look at our department as a profit center -- in terms of bringing money to the bottom line," Farrell said.
HOUSTON -- AIG American General announced today the appointment of Durr Sexton as president of AIG American General's Annuity profit center.
The paper industry operations of UPM-Kymmene, Helsinki, Finland, are being integrated into one profit center.
Innovative agencies are beginning to approach small-business accounts as a distinct market segment within an agency, seeing it as a separate profit center where the methods employed to meet the operational and profit-margin challenges of this segment are entirely different from writing and servicing large commercial risks.
In about nine months, a team of Information Systems professionals and two software companies created, a point-and-click EIS and a comprehensive data warehouse that organized and refined the data from a variety of sources, including the company's general ledger system, profit center accounting system, cost allocation system, funds transfer system, demand deposit data base, and an asset management application.
One method is to make the marketing function a combined cost-and-contribution center, rather than a profit center.
DiCapua said he sees management increasingly emerging as a profit center unto itself and the result has been better service.

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