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The Malmquist productivity index quantifies both the frontier shift and inefficiency change.
Malmquist productivity Index was used to evaluate productivity for thirty one manufacturing sub sectors for the period 1980 to 1995.
j] publication with regard to Li publication for research productivity index R.
Recall that the productivity index consists of ratios of distance functions, which are functions of inputs and outputs.
Table 5 deals with the plant's own major measure of productivity, while Table 6 deals with a total factor productivity index computed from data supplied by the plants.
Finally, if capital were being paid prospectively under PPS, as are operating costs, a total factor productivity index would be the appropriate productivity index.
Dynamic productivity index (Malmquist index) is estimated using data envelopment analysis (DEA).
The next section reviews the nonparametric Malmquist productivity index, followed by the application of the method to the sawmill industry in the United States and Canada.
The plant topped the 2003 European Automotive Productivity Index, which also assessed the productivity of 43 rivals.
In general, a productivity index is defined as the ratio of an output index to an input index, that is:
In addition, we also test for factor productivity growth using Malmquist productivity index, which decompose productivity indices into efficiency change and technological change and than further break down efficiency change indices into pure technical change index and scale efficiency change index.
To calculate a labor productivity index, an index of industry output is divided by an index of hours:

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