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In the context of project financing, a defined portion of the proceeds of production up to a dollar amount.


1. The process of turning raw material into a product that is sold. For example, a company's production may involve turning silver, zinc, and mercury into a dental filling.

2. Less commonly, the revenue one derives from production.


the act of combining FACTORS OF PRODUCTION (labour, capital, etc.) by FIRMS to produce OUTPUTS of goods and services. The relationship between inputs and outputs in physical terms is shown by the PRODUCTION FUNCTION and in cost terms by the COST FUNCTION. See BATCH PRODUCTION, MASS PRODUCTION, FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.
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Unlike the production program rents, which have been reduced by development subsidies, the voucher rents are consistent with market rents.
In the seven metropolitan areas we reviewed, one- and two-bedroom production program units are also more expensive than one- and two-bedroom voucher units, respectively.
Through Gnomon's Entertainment Design and Digital Production Program, students will build foundational artistic skills in the first five terms, and then go on to choose an area of concentration for the remainder of the program.
Interested students can learn more about Gnomon's new three year Entertainment Design and Digital Production Program at: www.
In addition, the company has production programs utilizing low pressure molding, glass reinforced urethane and a proprietary headliner process.
Performance at Information Systems and Technology was hampered by delays in new program starts and a shift from production programs to development programs.
Renowned for its radio broadcasting and television production programs, Brown College, a Career Education Corporation (CEC) school located in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, is commemorating its 60th anniversary with a weeklong celebration, culminating with an all-campus event on Saturday, Sept.
High voltage gallium arsenide is a tested and proven technology that demonstrates high reliability using existing processes and materials, ideally suited for military and commercial production programs," said Balistreri.
During his 34 years with the Air Force, Reynolds held various leadership positions and managed more than 25 major development and production programs, including development and testing of complex aerospace systems.
New production programs recently awarded to Simtek cross between new 256 kilobit designs and 1 megabit designs.
The company's hardware and software productsare based on Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP), a fault-tolerant data communication network that has been used in safety-critical production programs since 2002, and is being deployed in next-generation aircrafts.

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