production line

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production line


assembly line

a means of organizing PRODUCTION whereby a product is manufactured by passing it through a series of operations, further materials or components being added as appropriate. This method of production is used in, for example, the production of motor cars and electrical products such as television sets.

In planning an assembly line careful attention must be paid to PRODUCTION-LINE BALANCING to ensure that all operations are synchronized so as to produce a preplanned volume of output.

Assembly-line methods usually involve breaking down production operations into many small tasks. This has the benefit of reducing the complexity of each task, reducing the skill demanded of production operatives and reducing training costs. Such lines also create opportunities to use specialized purpose-built machines to undertake particular production or assembly processes (see AUTOMATION, ROBOT). Assembly line methods also facilitate the use of special materials-handling devices like conveyor belts which reduce materials-handling costs. Finally, use of assembly lines serves to reduce stock holdings of raw materials and components between production processes by making it easier to estimate daily production and usage.

On the other hand, assembly lines are vulnerable to breakdowns and disruptions since a breakdown at any point on the assembly line stops the whole production process. In addition, the speed at which the line is operated can cause stress problems for operatives. Finally, the limited and repetitive nature of each operation can lead to worker demotivation. To counter such motivational problems some companies use job enrichment programmes whereby operatives undertake a wider range of activities, or interchange between activities (see JOB DESIGN AND REDESIGN). See PRODUCT-FOCUSED LAYOUT, JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) SYSTEM.

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They added that officials have been in talks with Pyeongtaek local government over the construction of the new production line.
According to the company, the piglet feed production line is expected to create 20 new jobs at the Tianjin facility as well as provide early life nutrition options for Chinese customers and their animals.
A turnkey supplier can provide plant managers with a standalone system that is applied to every unit of the production line.
Suominen's new production line in Bethune will be tailor-made, based on Suominen's unique nonwovens technology expertise, which will ensure superior capabilities compared to any turn-key solution.
Construction of the production line will be launched sometime in the first half of 2012 and begin mass production in 2013, with annual capacity of 200,000 metric tons of low- and medium-grade electrical sheets.
In addition, by using GP4 in conjunction with Fujitsu's virtual product simulator (VPS), a 3D virtual verification simulation tool for verifying assembly processes, users are able to verify the optimization of assembly processes from the dual perspectives of both the end product and the workers on the production line, thereby further improving manufacturing productivity.
The arrival of the Micra at Sunderland in 1992 signalled the construction of an entirely new production line, transforming the plant into a multi-model, high volume facility.
The containerboard production line will be used in Zhejiang Ji'An's mill in Haiyan county, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province.
Qatar has secured the financing of its LNG production lines through an "innovative financing scheme", he added, according to AL HAYAT.
The guided vehicle system moves the fuselages automatically through the production line.
ENERGY RESOURCE-1 November 2006-Hoku Scientific Taps PV Manufacturing Production Line from Spire Corp.

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