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of warehouse and fully equipped showroom shows product depth & nice selection of inventory.
The completion of this transaction adds considerable product depth and significantly expands our geographic reach and scale.
With these acquisitions, we built the scale, distribution systems, product depth and breadth, and financial-planning expertise to aggressively go after the affluent and super-affluent markets.
Jevic provides product depth and customization for their marketplace with services such as The Heat Fleet[R]; Jevic 100% Guaranteed Service[R]; Partial Trailer load Service, and Multi-regional and National capabilities in one system.
The result of this exercise is depicted in the IDC Leadership Grid, which is based on an analysis of factors such as market share, product depth, financial strength, European coverage, and market momentum.
Alice Liu, president of Evalue, commented: "By combining our organizations we have created a leading provider of both small footprint embedded PC boards like SBCs and larger industrial motherboards, not only in product depth, but two leading experts in both fields making us truly a unique specialist in the embedded PC industry.
The transaction will also strengthen HUB's personal insurance services in the State of Florida, as the increase in market and product depth will contribute to key value-added solutions for local residents.
We will add new market access and product depth for AssurConseil clients as we become part of HUB Quebec, creating growth opportunities for our combined organization," Charron said.
Six out of 10 respondents believe that Indian pharmacos will improve their capabilities through the end of the decade in such areas as risk-sharing, product depth, increased scale and expanded expertise.
VBrick has the product depth and unmatched expertise to provide organizations with the digital video capabilities to support their varied line-of-business requirements.
While emerging companies expand their market presence, by broadening both their product lines and their selling geography, the product depth and market strength of major companies competing in CRM and stents will increasingly subdue the efforts of emerging companies unless their products are proven to provide superior outcomes.
The international market represented a large percentage of our new accounts in 2005 and we believe Bruce has the experience to grow international revenue substantially by responding to the area's requirements for product depth, localization and easy-to-use technology.
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