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Supervisors said they were troubled by the conditions shown on a KNBC (Channel 4) report on the downtown 7th Street Produce Market, which supplies restaurants throughout the county.
Likewise, if documents sought by a requesting party are available from alternate sources--and particularly if they're available from a party to the litigation--courts are sympathetic to nonparties' argument that it's unduly burdensome to produce such documents.
He suspects that many outbreaks of illness of unknown provenance that occurred 20 or 30 years ago "would today, with the technology available, be confirmed or at least linked to particular types of [contaminated] produce.
Engineered capacity is the volume of steel a mill could produce if optimal conditions are met year-round.
He says one of these devices could produce enough extra energy to power 900 homes by treating the wastes from a single large food processing plant.
elastica both produce their rubber in the form of rubber particles in laticifers, a complex anastomasized cell system that forms pipes, which can then be tapped allowing latex to bleed out.
Mark Wayne Holden, aged 26, of Bushberry Avenue, Tile Hill North, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, failing to produce a licence, using a vehicle without insurance, failing to produce a certificate of insurance, using a vehicle without a test certificate and failing to produce a test certificate, fined pounds 350.
Whet: Fresh produce, flowers, herbs, fruit berries, soap, honey, baked goods, and fish.
A special automation project that relies on low-cost, standard components has made it possible for one operator to produce six times as many drive belts per shift as in the past.
When burned, they produce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, but their growth takes up a similar amount of the gas, thus producing essentially no net increase in atmospheric carbon.
Red Tomato" has worked since 1998 to extend and expand market presence of local produce by helping local, sustainable family farmers develop and service long-term markets.