proceeds sale

Proceeds sale

OTC securities sale whose revenue is used to buy another security.

Proceeds Sale

The sale of a security where the revenue from the sale is used immediately to buy another security. FINRA considers both the sale and the purchase to be a single transaction and one may not charge more than a 5% markup in a proceeds sale.

proceeds sale

A transaction in which funds received from selling a security are immediately reinvested in another security. The National Association of Securities Dealers regards a proceeds sale as a single transaction; therefore, the member's commission or markup cannot exceed 5% of the principal of the trade.
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RECONCILIATION OF GAAP TO NON-GAAP (Unaudited; In millions, except per share data which is calculated prior to rounding) Second-Quarter 2006 Reconciliation of Income (a) Items Impacting Comparability HFCS Gain Net Litigation on Reported Favorable Settlement Asset Restructuring (GAAP) Tax Items Proceeds Sale Charges Net Operating Revenues $5,467 - - - - Cost of Sales 3,291 - - - - Gross Profit 2,176 - - - - Selling, Delivery, and Administrative Expenses 1,637 - - - (8) Operating Income 539 - - - 8 Interest Expense, Net 161 - - - - Other Nonoperating Income (Expense), Net 3 - - - - Income Before Income Taxes 381 - - - 8 Income Tax Expense 42 71 - - 3 Net Income $339 (71) - - 5 Diluted Net Income Per Share $0.
Samsung also has the largest proceeds of mobile phone sales in the Middle East with 47%, followed by Apple with 36%, while Huawei and Lenovo had equal shares of 4%, and HTC's proceeds sales amounted to 3%.
Example 2 -- Assume that in order to entice Ted to donate his auto, the agent promised to issue a written acknowledgement to Ted indicating a gross proceeds sales price equal to the blue book retail value of $8,400, instead of the actual auctioned price of $4,000.
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