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Kent Sharples' charge that "if a group of committed employees are given the best information possible, they will make the best decisions for the institution," the council was able to sort through and assign top priorities to the proposals most important to the institution.
One major exception to the matching principle occurs when both the physician executive and the other party place high priorities on the relationship and low priorities on the substantive issues (interactive scenario 11).
Of the remaining nine scenarios in which the priorities of the physician executive and the priorities of the other party are incongruent, two (9 and 13) use the trustingly collaborative (C1) strategy.
While 70 percent of benefit specialists identified rising health care costs as their top priority, employees overwhelmingly cited retirement issues as their top priority -- with four out of their top five priorities relating to retirement issues.
The remaining priorities for benefit specialists in order of importance were: evaluating/implementing/expanding the use of Internet/intranet applications (57.
The features critical for real-time support that are already included in TimeSys Linux/RT but not all available in any other embedded Linux solution are: Preemptive fixed priority scheduling, 256 priorities, priority inheritance support, high-resolution timers, and TimeTrace tool to support measurement and visualization of real-time performance.
WiseWan is able to look at the traffic priorities established at Layers 7 or 8 and translate them down the network stack.
With WiseWan, the subscriber's priorities are respected: the Oracle packet is marked "do not discard" and the Napster traffic is tagged "drop first if necessary".
Optical Priority Provisioning simplifies the delivery of differentiated optical services by providing access to service templates of predefined restoration priorities, preemptability, and linear, ring and mesh protection schemes.
For example, the administrator of a stock brokerage firm could set priorities so that a user wanting to buy or sell stock would have priority over someone researching stock or company information.
The abundance of market opportunities we have identified for these emerging products, and our desire to address them as rapidly as possible, have convinced us of the need to focus more of our technical talent, available financing, facilities and equipment on those priorities.