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Credit concerns include Tabor Hills high proportion of nursing beds relative to independent living units, the increased debt burden associated with the series 2006 bonds and increasing competition in the primary market area.
The company's primary market is a subprime borrower who has significant equity in their homes but traditional financial institutions are not meeting their borrowings needs.
These strengths are balanced against CATIC's lack of geographic diversification, an ownership structure that limits access to outside capital funds, below average profitability and a decline in market share in the company's primary market.
NASDAQ is the primary market for trading NASDAQ-listed stocks.
Currently, of the four exchanges that list TMX options, CBOE has more than 76 percent of the customer market share, making CBOE the primary market.
Used by numerous Fortune 100 manufacturing companies, the ExcessManager[R] program allows you to sell your excess inventory to a worldwide audience while carefully navigating around your primary market partners.
AMEX: EDI) reported today that its Common Stock was listed on the Primary Market of the American Stock Exchange on Friday, Sept.
The bank is a community oriented financial institution offering traditional financial services to the residents of its primary market area.
The Second Market offers separate quoting rules and access standards from ISE's primary market to provide greater flexibility for competitive market making.
The addition of Western Financial as the bank's primary market maker further enhances the bank's opportunities within the financial services industry," remarked Godfrey.
You can read more about the latest trends in the elite primary market of Moscow in Q1 2010 in this report.

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