price ceiling

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Price Ceiling

The highest price for a good or service permitted by a government. A government may impose a price ceiling to protect consumers or to combat inflation. Many economists believe setting price ceilings is economically inefficient and a better response is to find a way to increase the supply of a good or service in order to bring down prices.

price ceiling

the maximum PRICE that can be charged for a PRODUCT, as determined by the government. Contrast PRICE FLOOR.


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But the law permits the President, upon the recommendation of the implementing agency or the Price Coordinating Council, to impose a price ceiling on any basic necessity or prime commodity, such as rice.
21 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki on Sunday said his government will set a price ceiling for bread and will not allow anyone to sell above that celling, vowing strict punitive measures against violators.
BUTUAN CITY - The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) today urged the public to help monitor prices of commodities to ensure that the distributors, suppliers, traders and small business entrepreneurs are following the price ceiling within the suggested retail price (SRP) levels.
The government has revised the Anti-Graft Law to raise the price ceiling on gifts to help boost the consumption of agricultural and fisheries products.
The subsidy will be effective for Rabi season, where the price ceiling of Rs2,500/2,600 for local/imported DAP will remain intact.
We don't care about fixed pricing, all what we need is to determine a price ceiling for the products by the government, as low-income citizens are facing a problematic situation and cannot afford it anymore," Chairman of Anti Expensiveness Citizens' Association Mahmoud Askalany told Egypt Today.
Sergio Dagooc, Amreco president, said at a forum here that WESM would be detrimental to consumers in Mindanao as it sets a price ceiling of P32 per kWh, double the prevailing rate of P15 per kWh.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 24, 2017-634 drugs thought to be non-compliant with Indian government's price ceiling
M2 PHARMA-February 24, 2017-634 drugs thought to be non-compliant with Indian government's price ceiling
One member tried to feebly justify it, saying fees were a "complex issue, for which there is no straightforward answer" and "I am inclined to say there is no price-fixing in this context… competition in Cyprus is not hindered because there is no price ceiling.
The study blames Canadian provinces and territories for this anomaly because they set a price ceiling for generics at 18 percent of the value of the branded drug.
We want to put a price ceiling for them rather than keep it open for anyone to do what they want," said BCCI executive board member and food and agriculture committee chairman Khalid Al Amin.