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In Canada the move to autonomous RN prescribing is taking different paths based on the health priorities and population needs.
The CMS in 2009 began offering a 2% bonus for participation in its electronic prescribing incentives program for 2009-2010.
Effects of nurse prescribing of medication: a systematic review
We searched Medline, EMBASE, the Cochrane database, and the Effective Practice and Organisation of Care specialized register for studies from January l, 1980, to November 30, 2003, relating to prescribing of antimicrobial drugs to hospital inpatients.
history that a physician was found guilty of manslaughter for prescribing a self-administered medication that led to a patient's death.
More than half of physicians support a total ban on collecting personal prescribing information and want more aggressive actions taken to protect their prescribing privacy, according to TNS Healthcare research released today.
Announcing the extension of nurse prescribing, council chief executive Carolyn Reed said the health system was straining to meet the needs of those in rural locations, some vulnerable groups and the increasing numbers of people with lifestyle and chronic conditions.
The risk that is created by prescribing these types of medications does include addiction and that's one of the things that the board in seeking to discipline these individuals wants to prevent,'' Deputy Attorney General E.
The Electronic Prescribing Project was launched in 2003 in an effort to rapidly expand the adoption of electronic prescribing.
On May 14 the Virginia Board of Medicine had suspended Hurwitz's license, charging him with excessive prescribing and inadequate supervision of his patients.
But they are equally important in the nursing home setting and require the attention of all professional staff involved in ordering, prescribing and administering medications.