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Secondly, the plaintiff contended that the defendant did not properly appeal the preliminary injunction order.
The preliminary injunction notes that "The Supreme Court has observed 'that a preliminary injunction is an extraordinary and drastic remedyO'" and that "it is likely the plaintiff will successfully persuade the court that the debarring official failed to 'articulate a rational connection between the facts found and the choice made.
Prosecutors will soon appear in court to obtain the preliminary injunction and are hopeful that will help reduce crime in the West Valley.
The court granted a preliminary injunction in favor of Editek providing that the right of Murex to exercise, use or enjoy any Editek intellectual property rights under its sublicense from DDII shall not become effective pending a resolution of the Editek/DDII license dispute.
Ritchie granted a preliminary injunction against IAAL.
Conduct that would be banned by the preliminary injunction includes selling, possessing or using any controlled substance; harassing, intimidating, or threatening the safety of any person; acting as a lookout for police; and being in public with a named defendant or fellow gang member.
The purpose of the preliminary injunctions is to assure maintenance of the status quo pending arbitration which the court has ordered to be completed no later than July 16, 1993.
Under this preliminary injunction, out-of-state wine retailers selling directly to Texas adult consumers must use a state-approved common carrier permitted to do business in Texas.
The judge, however, vacated the preliminary injunction late last month and stopped further proceedings based on the planned improvements.
Friday granted Emery Worldwide's request for a preliminary injunction against the U.
Section 61-1-1; that if the injunction was not issued, Oak Ridge would be irreparably harmed; that the harm to Oak Ridge in the event an injunction was not issued would not outweigh any harm to the defendants; and that the public interest would not be affected by the granting of the Preliminary Injunction.
Opponents of the Toland Road Landfill expansion failed Friday to delay the project when a judge denied their motion for a preliminary injunction until seismic questions are resolved.
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