Preferred Provider Organization

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Preferred Provider Organization

A health insurance plan in which the policyholder receives a discount from the full price if he/she receives medical services from a participating doctor, hospital, or other medical organization. In many ways, a PPO operates like other insurance policies: the policyholder pays a premium each month and, in exchange, the insurance company pays for the cost of medical care, after a deductible and co-insurance. What distinguishes a PPO from other policies is the fact that a group of doctors or hospitals may negotiate a discounted rate with the insurance company. This provides the policyholder with an incentive to receive care from this group. However, medicals services provided by organizations outside the group are also covered. See also: Health maintenance organization.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

A preferred provider organization (PPO) is a network of doctors and other healthcare providers that offers discounted care to members of a sponsoring organization, usually an employer or union.

You may also arrange private insurance coverage through a PPO.

If you're insured through a PPO, you make a copayment for each visit to a healthcare provider, though certain diagnostic tests may not require copayment.

You typically have the option to go to a doctor or other provider outside the network, but you pay a larger percentage of the cost, called coinsurance, than if you used a network doctor.

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We began at ground zero in 1988, and have become the fastest- growing PPO in the region, now representing nearly one million lives and managing a network of 56 hospitals and over 4000 physicians," said Romeo, who also serves as president of the New York/New Jersey Regional Chapter of the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations (AAPPO) and as a board member on the national board of the AAPPO.
MedAvant's National Preferred Provider Network (NPPN) is one of the largest Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks in the nation, offering broad access and deep discounts with physicians, hospitals, and ancillary care providers in all 50 states.
a preferred provider organization; MAPSI, a preferred provider organization and MAPSI Plus, both offering managed psychiatric health care services; MAMSI Life and Health Insurance Company, an indemnity insurance company that plans to develop and market a variety of managed care insurance products; and National Managed Care, Inc.
Health Net offers a range of products including: HMO, Point-of-Service (POS), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), third-party administration, Medicare and Medicaid.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- Premier Preferred Care has launched a major new hospital-owned, preferred provider organization (PPO) to provide healthcare services to people living in the New York/ New Jersey metropolitan area, Thomas Schember and Evan Polansky, the managing executive directors in New Jersey and New York, respectively, announced today.
The expanded relationship allows members of NPPN, MedAvant's Preferred Provider Organization, to access Quest Diagnostics' more than 2,000 patient service centers across the nation and to receive discounts on those services.
NASDAQ: SMQCF; Vancouver: SMQ) ("Sunport") announced that The Travelers Managed Care Systems' Workers' Compensation Preferred Provider Organization has named two of Sunport's wholly owned subsidiaries, The Imaging One Group Inc.
Blue Cross would also acquire Health First, the preferred provider organization which is part of UHP.
In late January 2005, Coventry acquired First Health Group Corp, which operates one of the largest national preferred provider organization networks and is a major national provider of non risk administrative and medical management services to commercial, governmental and third party payor customers.
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