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The subadar in "Ad Astra" is only one of many characters Faulkner used early in his career to posit his racial contexts.
He posits a self-knowing consciousness as the source and center of all knowledge of the world from which the world is then taken to extend.
Three public television documentaries as well as numerous stories on news programs, in national magazines, and in major newspapers have featured Posit Science's work.
There is a fatal flaw in the BBC study; it assumes that since their methods did not work, all methods would not work," said Steven Aldrich, CEO Posit Science.
According to Posit Science, the Brain Fitness Channel debunks myths -- like explaining why crossword puzzles are not enough to keep you mentally fit -- and "unlocks the mysteries" surrounding the brain, including how memory works.
The Posit Science brain exercises will expand the offering from health and safety, to also include wellness.
Henry Mahncke, Vice President of Research & Outcomes at Posit Science.
Merzenich's company, Posit Science, translates the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience into cognitive training software that improves lives.
Nineteen breast cancer survivors, all women, who underwent chemotherapy and reported having "chemobrain," participated in Posit Science's study.
ThinkFood is a delicious, collaborative effort featuring some of the most popular and influential food bloggers out there, who have joined Posit Science to give readers an exciting way to improve their overall brain health," said Steven Aldrich, CEO of Posit Science.
Posit Science likewise licenses Scientific Learning's patents and technology for the Brain Fitness Program.